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2011 Flashback

As you all well know, it’s mid-February, and the weather has been anything but winter-like for the most part. While skiing has been somewhat pre-occupying, in the past couple of weeks the weather has made us shift to occupying trails on mountain bikes. I think it’s that shift back to wheels that lit a fire for me to finally get a 2011 recap slideshow together. It’s hard to believe how fast a year goes by, and in retrospect, how much we see and ride over the course of a long season. New trails, old trails, old friends and new, I love biking and I love the people in it. The diversity of riders and riding in our little bubble is huge, and I love bringing the stoke to you. Enjoy some of my favourites from 2011 in the slideshow, and a selection of stills.


Dave Anderson, Carlos Zavarce, Dylan Wolsky, and Chris Johnston on a big rock in the Whistler area.

Jeff Bartel through a sunspot on some of Whistler's finer valley singletrack.

Katrina Strand, Deer Pass

Katrina Strand, Deer Pass

Spring on the North Shore with Jeremy Schaab.

Shelter Cove, California on Paradise Royal. Sarah McQueen cruises through some spooky trees.