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  • Alasdair MacLellan dropping into a rocky section of trail.
  • Tobias Pantling - Econoline
  • Whistler backcountry
  • Banshee Prime 29'er
  • Keri Wedding
  • Brendan Fairclough, Crabapple Hits
  • Danny Hart Whip


Late fall in Whistler

Todd Hellinga-8988 by T.odd View
Todd Hellinga-8988, a photo by T.odd View on Flickr.

Got out for a good ride in late October with a great friend, Chad Hendren, to ride what is probably my favourite trail in Whistler, Kashmir.


Reminiscing – Les Deux Alpes

In the summer of 2010 I was given an opportunity to travel to Les Duex Alpes in France to cover the 2011 GT Bicycles product launch for nsmb.com.  With the village at 1650m, and lifts running up another stunning 2000m above that, and also drop a further 700m down to the village of Venosc, the mountains are huge, and the vistas amazing, oh yeah, and the trails aren’t too shabby either!  With Alpe D’Huez across the valley, this is a place I definitely want to return to.

Alasdair MacLellan dropping into a rocky section of trail.

Alasdair MacLellan dropping into a rocky section of trail high above the village of Les Duex Alpes.

Alasdair MacLellan and Caleb Smith climbing high above the valley.

Alasdair and Caleb Smith climbing high above the valley.

Caleb Smith leads Alasdair MacLellan into sweet sinewy singletrack.

Caleb leads Alasdair into a sweet sinewy singletrack descent.

The trail from L2A to Venosc is really steep with big switchback berms for 700m of vert, it was dry and loose!

The trail from L2A to Venosc is very steep, with big switchback berms for 700m of vert, it was dry and loose!

Spring bikin’

After a couple months of deep pow shredding here in Whistler, the snow hass finally stopped falling and we’re back onto bikes.  Pemberton always delivers the early season goods, and this year is no different.  Good to get back into the swing of things, and finally breaking out the camera again and starting to get my photo stoke back on!

Tobias Pantling - Econoline

Tobias Pantling - Econoline, Pemberton BC

Katrina Strand - Econoline, Pemberton BC

Katrina Strand - Econoline, Pemberton BC

Tobias Pantling and Katrina Strand - Dark Forest, Pemberton BC

Tobias Pantling and Katrina Strand - Dark Forest, Pemberton BC

2011 Flashback

As you all well know, it’s mid-February, and the weather has been anything but winter-like for the most part. While skiing has been somewhat pre-occupying, in the past couple of weeks the weather has made us shift to occupying trails on mountain bikes. I think it’s that shift back to wheels that lit a fire for me to finally get a 2011 recap slideshow together. It’s hard to believe how fast a year goes by, and in retrospect, how much we see and ride over the course of a long season. New trails, old trails, old friends and new, I love biking and I love the people in it. The diversity of riders and riding in our little bubble is huge, and I love bringing the stoke to you. Enjoy some of my favourites from 2011 in the slideshow, and a selection of stills.


Dave Anderson, Carlos Zavarce, Dylan Wolsky, and Chris Johnston on a big rock in the Whistler area.

Jeff Bartel through a sunspot on some of Whistler's finer valley singletrack.

Katrina Strand, Deer Pass

Katrina Strand, Deer Pass

Spring on the North Shore with Jeremy Schaab.

Shelter Cove, California on Paradise Royal. Sarah McQueen cruises through some spooky trees.

A weekend in B.C.

With clear skies, warm temperatures, and a recently cleared up work schedule, it was time for a long weekend jam packed with a bunch of activities.  Here’s my all iphonetography view of the events…

Banshee Prime 29'er

On Friday morning I demo'd the new Banshee Prime 29'er on a sweet 3 hour Mt. Seymour XC ride.

Seb and Tara

Hangin' in the sun with Seb Kemp and his much prettier, and infinitely better half, Tara.

On Saturday it was time for a ride up Mountain Highway and up Fromme for some more sweet mountain bike action.  I like using the helmet cam on still photo, and then editing it into a short vid.  Riders: Jeremey Schaab, Jeff Bartel

Vancouver Sunset

Finished off time in the city with a walk to Lonsdale Quay and watched the sun sets over Burrard Inlet in North Vancouver.

Rasta Sun Dog over Anniversary Glacier

Sunday morning found us north of Whistler, on the Duffy ski touring. We skinned up Anniversary Glacier under blue skies, sometimes in technicolour.

Matier Glacier
View from the top of Anniversary Glacier overlooking Matier Glacier above Joffre Lakes.
Jeremy Schaab Pow Slash

With inversion conditions making for crusty snow up high, the best snow was near the bottom, my good friend Jeremy Schaab obliges a gratuitous slash.

Whistler Sunset

We rolled back into Whistler just in time for one last gorgeous sunset to cap off an awesome weekend.

Sea to Sky Sunset

Drove down to Vancouver this evening and chased a gorgeous sunset most of the way. The Sea to Sky drive is one of the best in BC!



Black and White

I was inspired by @TimZimmerman‘s following tweet… “Sometimes I find myself looking at things wondering how’d they’d convert into B&W in Lightroom. #fullongeekout“.  I then realized that most of my favourite pictures from the past year are black and white.  So I had a quick dig and present you this, most of my personal favourites of 2011.

Keri Wedding

My brother's lovely new wife, Keri. We were in a rush after the ceremony and I managed to grab this somehow, it was total on the fly and turned out way better than I expected!

Sarah, Paradise Royale Spooky Trees

My lovely lady Sarah finds a sunspot in between some large spooky trees, Paradise Royale, Shelter Cove, CA.

Dylan Wolsky, Ride Don't Slide

Dylan Wolsky dropping in to Ride Don't Slide

Katrina Strand, Deer Pass

Katrina Strand dropping on Deer Pass, Southern Chilcotin PP

Chris Johnston, Whistler BC

Chris Johnston, rock roll with a view, Whistler, BC

The guys, Whistler BC

Carlos Zavarce, Dave Anderson, Chris Johnston, and Dylan Wolsky train down a big rock roll. Whistler, BC

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